Video Wall Purchase

Video Wall Purchase

Video Wall Purchase


We have recently purchased over 120 panels of the new AV6 6mm Video wall! We have also purchased four new processors and scalers to allow us to do multiple screens in different configurations. 

The purchase of the new video wall has allowed us to expand our design capabilities and added a new aspect to our live shows. 

We have various accesories for the Video that include: 

  • Vision Mixers
  • Scalers 
  • HD Static Cameras
  • HD PTZ Robotic Cameras 
  • Resolume Arena 6 Media Servers 
  • Floor Rigging Options 
  • Flown Rigging Options 

The wall can be confugered in multipal ways. Either flown or ground stacked we have all the necessary rigging and lifting equipment to make this possible and work with your event. 

We can also provide 3D drawings and renders to let you visualise your event prior to show day!


Published on: May 19, 2016